Saturday Junior Competitions

We welcome juniors aged 8 years - under 18 from the north west of Sydney to join our Saturday Competitions. Our junior competitions are based on NSW school terms and the entry cost is only $120 per term, which includes membership to North West Sydney Tennis (ETDTA). Majority of matches will be played at Pennant Hills Park.  If needed, we may place a team at the Midson Road Epping courts.

By joining our Saturday Junior comp you are entering the pathway for juniors enabling you to be chosen to play for NWST in the 2023 Interdistrict. 

Next Comp: Term 3: 27 July - 21 September


We will place you in a team.  You are not required to request team members. You can choose morning or afternoon, however the exact match time will depend on the division that you are placed in. 

Match times:  Morning:  8am to 10am and 10am to Midday - Graded 

                          Afternoon: 3pm to 5pm - Graded

FORMAT:  You will be informed of the format for your division prior to comp commencement. Formats vary based on number of participants.

GRADED DIVISIONS:  Each timeslot will be graded.

Grading is based on many factors including past junior comps, UTR and internal and external tournament results. 

REGRADING DIVISIONS:  Comp organisers set up a balance of players within each division.  As necessary, throughout the comp, players and divisions may be rearranged by comp organiser.  Decision on pairing and teams is made by the comp organisers and this decision is final. This junior competiton is strickly based on ability, noting divisions are not based on age or gender.


If you have any questions, please email your query to:  

To join:

New Players 

  1. Attend a grading session (register for grading at the bottom of this page)
  2. Email us to obtain a unique membership number
  3. Register via Xpoint. If you are a new player you will need to create an account.

Returning Players

  1. Log into Xpoint and Register - Click Here

Active Kids Vouchers are accepted (  Email your certificate with your child's date of birth to 




Going forward for Term 3 and beyond, we have moved our registration portal onto Xpoint. Our aim is to make the registration process smoother and easier for everyone to access.


To register for term 3, follow this link -


Select your preferred timeslot. If you have any preferences regarding partners or timeslots, please email us. We will do our best to accommodate.


During the registration process it will ask for your ‘TennisID’ number. This is just your North West Sydney Tennis membership number that you would have used to register in the past.



If you have forgotten your membership number, we can find it for you just email us.


Fees Increase


From 2 Term 2024, Saturday Junior Competition fees will increase to $135.00.


Fees have increased to cover the following costs:

  • All Saturday Junior players will receive automatic entry into the Junior Age Championship Singles on May 24
  • Special Events throughout the year E.g. Harmony Day, Spirit Days


Please note

When you register for comp, you will see two prices to select from:

Please only select discount/members if you wish to pay via Active kids voucher. Do not attempt to pay the discounted price without sending an active kids voucher through as this will be monitored.


Additional Court Location


Due to increasing numbers across the competition, NWST has had to acquire additional courts for Saturday Junior comp located at Cedarwood Dr, Cherrybrook.  Depending on the grading outcome, you may be required to play matches at Cherrybrook.



REQUESTS:  You are not required to request a playing partner and requesting a partner is not guaranteed. Comp organisers set up teams for a balanced division.  As each team is graded, it is the comp organisers making the final decision to compile teams.  Please email organisers prior to registration closing date if you won't play this comp without your chosen partner. To avoid disappointment, please do not submit requests as they cannot be guaranteed.

Registering in this comp, you are committing to be available to play every match. If you unable to play a match, you are required to arrange a substitute player.

BYE/SUBSTITUTE PLAYER: Every draw includes one team as BYE/SUB players. Please keep this date available to play right up until match commencement time.  PLEASE don't make social plans, keep it free to fill in for your division and/or to play at another timeslot.

RESERVES: Every division is allocated reserve players. You may be placed on the RESERVE player list.

REGRADING DIVISIONS: Comp organisers set up a balance of players within each division.  As necessary, throughout the comp, players and divisions may be rearranged by comp organiser.  Decision on pairing and teams is made by the comp organisers and this decision is final.


NSW School Terms

Term Dates

Grading time /date

Grading is COMPULSORY for all new players 


Term 1 2024

February 3 - April 6

3 February - 6 April

Dec 9 1pm

Dec 13 3.30pm

Term 2 2024


4 May - 29 June

Wednesday 3 April - 4.30pm

Friday 5 April - 4.30pm


Wednesday 10 April - 3:30pm (COURT 14)

Friday 12 April - 3:30pm (court 14)

Term 3 2024

27 July - 21 September

Friday 21 June - 4.30pm


Wed 26 June - 4.30pm

Term 4 2024

12 October - 7 December

Wed 25 September - 4.30pm

Sat 28 September - 1.00pm


Xpoint and UTR

We use Xpoint Sports which will be of benefit to all of our juniors and giving guidance on grading for play in our competition and other competitions they may play in.

This online system will allow players to input their own scores online post match. 

It also means that results through the Xpoint system will contribute to a players Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player's last 30 eligible match scores from the last 12 months. 

The results will typically be visible on the UTR platform within 14 days of the match results being entered into Xpoint. Please head to the Xpoint Sports website, familarise yourself with this program and you must keep your profile up-to-date.

Emails for this comp will be sent from noreply@Xpoint Sports. Occasionally, we will send information from

UTR Updates:  Updates to UTR are handled automatically by the Xpoint platform and Oracle Corporation. NWST cannot affect the speed at which match results are updated on the UTR website. Please be patient.


Term 3 2024 Registration link:  

If you are a new player, please regsiter for GRADING before entering the comp. 


New Players

Obtain a membership number by emailing with full name, date of birth, home address, mobile number and email address. PLEASE NOTE: Each player is required to have their own email address and not share with a sibling playing in the junior comp or another family member with a UTR.

Your membership number will be emailed to you to complete your registration. New players must complete two online forms – both a grading registration and competition registration form. These forms are available at the beginning of each term. Please take notice of the session time you are registering your child in.

Players are allocated a division based on their grading, so all new players must attend a grading session.


Current and Recent Past Players

If you are a returning player and did not play in our 2023 comps, you must also complete a grading session. If you are unsure, please call the Pro Shop.

Players who have played in our comp as recently as Term 1 2023 do not need to attend a grading session. You only need to complete the online registration form if your standard has changed significantly from playing outside of our comp. Please contact the Pro Shop for clarification.


Registering for Grading 


 *Please note, that registering for grading is not entering comp. 

Grading is so we can understand in the player is up to standard to play in comp, and you'll be notified via email on how to register after grading if you are succesful.