Social Tennis

North West Sydney Tennis offers social tennis at all levels.

  • Do you prefer social tennis?
  • Are you returning to tennis after a break?

Come and try and see what best suits you!

Social tennis is held on different days and caters for various age groups and abilities, both single sex and mixed. Play is usually 8 game doubles, playing with different partners.

Court booking, balls, tea/coffee/biscuits (BYO cup/mug) are all provided by North West Sydney Tennis. Cost is $7 for members and $10 for non members.

There are also independent social groups. Please contact them directly to see if the group will suit your needs. 

For more information and contact details for North West Sydney Tennis and independent social groups see links below:


Our social competitions are graded, but if you are a new player the following general descriptors may be helpful:

Low intermediate:

A player can rally with movement and control to some degree and is starting to play competitively with serve, return and rallies and can usually judge where a ball is going at a slow pace overall. 

High intermediate - intermediate:

  • The player is more consistent when hitting medium paced shots but still lacks control over depth, direction and power.
  • Player has more aggressive net play, improved court coverage and is developing strategy for competitive play.


  • Advanced 1: Player has good movement, powerful consistent ground strokes and has a variety of shots, including topspin, slice and touch, but limited strategic play and lacks consistency on 4+ ball rallies.
  • Advanced 2: Better technique and control, 4 + rallies consistently combined with strategic match play.
  • Advanced 3: Great footwork, powerful consistent ground strokes, strong net play, adaptable to competitive opponent play.