COVID-19 Update – November 2021

 Updated NSW Health Orders now reflect the desire to have 95% of people fully vaccinated before all restrictions are eased and until then or 15th December (whichever comes first), the current regulations remain. We encourage you to click on the link below:

  For those that are fully vaccinated and are keen to play doubles or in social groups, bookings are available. (For those unvaccinated the rules have not changed, exercise is permitted with 1 other person, unless all are from the same household.)

  For social groups the onus is on you to ensure that those with whom you play with are fully vaccinated. Group members are urged to ensure that all members of the group are fully vaccinated, and if you are playing you need to carry proof of your vaccination with you in case asked by authorities as per the Health Orders.

  If you are organising a social group on behalf of the Association you will need to ensure all players are fully vaccinated.

  For any events organised by North West Sydney Tennis vaccination certificates will be required to be sent to the Association before entering any competitions.

   Please continue to follow the rules that are still in place under the Public Health Orders including:

 ·         QR code sign-in,

 ·         social distancing rules (1 person per 2 sq metres) 

 ·         do not come to the centre if unwell,

 ·         bring your own drinks, hand towel and sanitiser.

 ·          If you are unsure of the rules please click here to access the latest NSW Govt updates