Court Hire

North West Sydney Tennis manages 16 synthetic grass courts, all with state-of-the-art lights, set in beautiful bushland located at Pennant Hills Park Tennis Centre, Britannia Street, Pennant Hills.  

Court hire is made by booking online only. Please click on link below.

Courts are available for hire by members and the general public. Bookings are through our online booking system only. It is easy to use and you can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Look for the symbols on the book a court payment page to choose. Rates vary depending on day or night use. Members receive a discount for a court (single) booking. 

Our courts are well maintained and have an automated opening and locking system, so they can be accessed from 6.00am to 10.30pm. It is always a good idea to take a couple of extra balls in case you happen to hit a ball into the bush surrounds or onto another court which may be inaccessible at the time. 

Please note that as we are a community based not for profit association we do rely on everyone doing the right thing. Surveillance cameras are in operation and people overstaying or using courts without booking will be asked to pay for additional court usage. A $50 administration fee will be added to the additional court hire fee. It would also be appreciated if you witness any vandalism to contact police immediately.

Prior to making your court booking payment, please double check all details are correct, email address has been entered correctly, preferred tennis centre chosen and you are available on the date and time you have booked your court. We advise that court hire can not be rescheduled within 48 hours of booking, unless courts are unplayable due to wet weather experienced at the court complex. Court hirers are requested to check the Weather News on the website, as weather at home or work can be quite different to the weather at the court complexes at Pennant Hills or Epping. 

Rescheduling or refunds will only be applicable on wash outs. 

Please do not telephone or text court requests .... thank you!

Important Information:  If NWST Centre experiences technical or court issues, for example power outages, light fixture issues, court resurfacing, tree root removal or other safety issues, on occasion you may be asked to move your court booking to another time and/or day.  We apologise in advance if this occurs during your court booking time. 


Throughout the year, we are asked to host various tournaments, this is fundraising our not-for-profit tennis club relies on.  Please be understanding if you are not able to book and use a court at these times.

8, 9 & 10 March - Annual Tildesley Tournament.  All courts and facilities will be completely booked during this schools tournament.  


During the School holidays, courts will be used for tennis camps for junior players from 9am - 3pm.  Your usual court time may not be able to be booked so we appreciate your understanding.

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Court Hire Costs

Pricing: From 1 August 2023 

Casual Players



Non-Peak, before 5pm


Non-Peak, before 5pm


1 hour





1.5 hours





2 hours





2.5 hours





3 hours





3.5 hours





4 hours





4.5 hours





5 + hours

Contact Manager

Contact Manager


Bookings made over both peak and non-peak time: the court hire rate is not accumulative, e.g. 1 hour non-peak + 1 hour peak 

*As a member, you are only allowed to book for yourself and your family so you are expected to be present at the time of booking.  Please do not share your membership number with any other person. Penalties may apply if found in breach of these terms and conditions at the Managements descretion.

Ball Machine

Go online and check if the court (1-8) is available on your preferred day and time to play, then call the ProShop or email to book in ball machine.  Bookings need to be when the ProShop is open for staff to give you access to machine.

Cost is $15 for members or $20 for non-members on a per hour basis, in addition to the court hire cost. Balls are included.

Frequently Asked Questions 

REDEEMING VOUCHERS: From time to time, NWST hands out vouchers to community organisations and winners of various competitions. To redeem these vouchers, please email us at with the day and time you would like your booking. 

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: ETDTA Inc. has online court hire for both Pennant Hills Park Tennis and Epping Tennis Centres. Despite the lifting of mandatory isolation and quarantine, we request that all patrons consider the health of others and do not attend our tennis centres with COVID-like symptoms, and if testing positive, please ensure you are symptom-free before returning to tennis.

DISCLAIMER: COVID-19 is a communicable disease and every effort is made to minimise the possibility of transmission at ETDTA-managed premises. However, in this current environment, risks cannot be fully eradicated. ETDTA Inc. shall not be held liable for any injury or health ailment (such as infection by communicable disease) caused by the use of ETDTA-managed facilities. Court hirers do so at their own risk.